Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to my book review blog!

After a long time as a reviewer on GOODREADS.COM I began to wonder if I ought to begin utilising something that the larger public could access, especially those with an interest or affinity for reading. While GR does tap into a number of wonderful reviewers and even more readers, without an account, many people are left out in the dark. I wanted to take some time to share thoughts on the books that have come across my desk or been piped through my iPod.

I like to think I have a vast interest when it comes to reading. Those who have seen me on GR will see the cross-section of books that I have reviewed, though I do not touch on many genres. I like what I like and won’t curb it just to fit into someone else’s comfort zone. I do not normally read certain genres, namely because they do not interest me on the surface. I have been known to try some authors or books based on recommendations by word of mouth or other reviewers, even if they fall outside my comfort zones. Sometimes they are successes and other times, complete flops. I find myself delving into at least one new author’s work every year and am rarely disappointed.

One further note to readers. I usually have at least one book and one audiobook on the go at all times. I do have a life outside of reading, though the number of reviews may lead some to wonder. It’s a personal preference and in my line of work, I enjoy having my iPod burning up the books as well as my Kobo and/or iPad. I find some books come to life much better when a narrator takes the reins, though nothing can replace a nice book in the evening before bed. Take what you like and leave the rest, as I have always been told.

Enjoy or despise, the book’s in your hands to do with as you choose. Let’s turn a page and get to it. The year is coming to an end and that means a few more books to stuff into 2014, before setting new goals for 2015.


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