The Burning Room, by Michael Connelly

Four stars (of five)

Connelly brings Harry Bosch back in yet another wonderful mystery, with a new partner, and new cold-case structure. A man shot ten years earlier finally succumbs to his injuries, allowing Bosch and his newly-honed partner, Lucy Soto, to open an investigation. They trace it back to a sniper who might have mistakenly focussed on the wrong target, leading to a larger fallout and more blood spilled. When a political heavyweight’s name comes up during the investigation, Bosch and Soto begin pressing harder to fit the pieces together, all while trying to keep things on the down low. Late one night, Bosch discovers that Soto has some of her own interests in a cold case, an apartment fire that brought much tragedy to her childhood. As they work the case, connections to a bank robbery have haunting parallels, and Bosch takes Soto under his wing to delve deeper into the investigation, even if the pain level reaches personal angst. Connelly keeps Bosch alive on these pages and, as always, ends the story with a BANG and keeps fans waiting for the next instalment, hoping it will come soon.

Connelly continues his masterful spinning the Bosch tales with another wonderful story. Having done the complete ‘Harry Bosch-athon’ a few years ago, I know all too well how intricate the stories can be and how detailed things can get. Characters crossing series and playing cameo roles in the larger arc, all of which is handled by Connelly in an effortless manner. Bosch just IS and will always have that presence, no matter what comes across his path. The new television series is sure to touch on that and make Bosch fans want even more. This author and this character are gold mines, not to be scoffed at, by any stretch.

Kudos, Mr. Connelly for this wonderful addition. Bosch has the magic touch and you bring him to life so effortlessly.