Day Zero, by Marc Cameron

Four stars (of five)

Cameron picks the action up where he left off, with Special Agent Jericho Quinn in a great deal of trouble. Quinn is in hiding from US officials, wanted for murder and with a White House sanctioned death squad out to eliminate him. He’s hiding in rural Alaska, but he is not safe there. Little does Quinn known, those close to him are under surveillance and all moves are being used to locate him. The newly minted vice-president will do whatever it takes to rid the world of Quinn and move forward with his master plan. Weighing all his options, Quinn enacts a plan to get out of the country, taking his daughter with him. Flying across the Bering Strait into Russia seems to be Quinn’s best option. While headed away from Anchorage, Quinn stumbles upon a terror cell keen to kill all aboard the massive Airbus A380. Working to dismantle the bomb on board, Quinn and an off-duty air marshal must ensure everyone on board makes it back to US soil safely before disaster strikes. Could the hijacking be part of a larger plot to push America into a new and dangerous war; one it cannot escape and may lead to its demise as an empire? Cameron uses this fast-paced story to advance some of Quinn’s backstory as well as keep the rest of the supporting characters in the forefront of the larger plot.

Cameron spins the Jericho Quinn story in a direction not-yet seen in the past novels. Using a two-day timeline, the story progresses at a quick pace and fills the pages with action, deception, and treason. While Cameron has never been one to hold back in his plots, this novel compartmentalises much of the story in different regions of the country, keeping them from spilling into one another. Jericho Quinn surely has become a great character up to now and the reader can only look forward to many adventures to come, if he can get off this bomb-filled plane.

Kudos, Mr. Cameron for this wonderful story. The action never stops and the characters are wonderfully developed.