The Hunting Dogs, by Jorn Lier Horst

Four and a half stars (of five)

Horst’s English translated novels keep getting better, filled with more character development and action with each passing chapter. After putting a child murderer away seventeen years earlier, Chief Inspector William Wisting is stunned to learn that he’s been blamed with a false arrest and the planting of evidence. Not only is the accused set free, but all eyes are now on him. The police begin an investigation to his handling of the case, while Wisting begins piecing together what might have gone wrong and who’s to blame. Wisting’s daughter, Line, a crime reporter in her own right, stumbles upon a murder scene of her own and begins trying to solve the case. Clues lead in many directions and leave Line wondering how random an event this might have been. When a teenage girl goes missing in the same manner as the case 17 years before, both Line and Wisting wonder if their respective cases might have a loose connection. With Wisting’s freedom and job on the line, any clue showing he was not complicit is essential, but it’s a race against time. A wonderful thriller to keep the reader on edge from beginning to end.

I have earlier lamented the lack of a thorough context for English readers, since Horst’s first five novels do not yet have English publication rights. How great it would be to see the full development of the William Wisting character, as well as those who surround him. Horst does a wonderful job in keeping his readers connected to the character (even though he’s been writing about Wisting for nine novels in the original Norwegian) and makes the avid reader want to learn a little more. The books, with their short chapters, offer wonderful teasers on a regular basis and lack nothing in their essential thriller creation. While I will admit I have no real connection to any of the other police or legal team with whom Wisting regularly engages, Horst’s focus on William and Line makes for a wonderful banter sure to keep the reader intrigued. 

 Kudos, Mr. Horst for another great novel. I cannot wait to get my hands on your next book and see what Wisting has in store for your loyal followers.