Terminal (Virals #5), by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

Four stars (of five)

As the Virals series comes to an end, Reichs-squared pack all the power of the previous novels into this final instalment. At the end of the previous novel, the Virals learned that they were not the only infected pack in town. This new group, Trinity, has ties to a former classmate of Tory Brennan’s, Chance Claybourne, whose earlier goal was to discover the secret behind the Virals and out them. It’s Trinity versus Virals, with a single pack set to survive, at least until their super-virus cripples their everyday lives. Can Tory and the Virals bring a happy ending to this story, or will Trinity take over Morris Island, wiping the cast of protagonists off the map? Reichs-squared end things on a very interesting note, sure to entertain followers of the series.

Having navigated through the entire series, I have been trying not to compare it to James Patterson’s Maximum Ride collection. Both series are unique, though have strong leading females, who guide their respective collection through thick and thin. While the novels are nowhere nearly as exciting as the Temperance Brennan books, they prove entertaining and thought provoking, with just enough spice to keep the story from getting too lame. I am sad to see the series end, though it has served a decent purpose and kept things interesting for a number of years.

Kudos, Mr. and Dr. Reichs for this wonderful collection. Young and full-fledged adults alike should appreciate all the effort that’s been put in.