Consenting Adults, by Mark Edwards

Four stars (of five)

Edwards brings back one of his characters from a recently released thriller to hash out a little more background story on PI Edward Rooney.

After bemoaning his life, Rooney must pull himself up by the socks and realise that life is not fair and others around him are enjoying it as he works himself to an early grave. When a woman of considerable means enters his office and asks that he locate her ‘daughter’, Rooney predicts this will be an open and shut case. However, as he begins poking around, he soon discovers he’s in uncharted territory (at least for him). Young Christina Navitski is involved with a man whose passion for S&M leaves her on the receiving end of his personal delights. The further Rooney digs, the more apparent it becomes that this is a case of murder and her missing person status can be changed to victim of crime. However, nothing is as it seems, as Edwards makes known in all his stories, and Rooney is left wondering if an open and shut case is really what he has on his hands.
A new short storyby Mark Edwards piques the interest of his fans and leaves them wondering what else is bouncing around in his head. I am a huge fan of Edwards, as well as the use of other pieces of writing to further flesh out a smaller characters backstory, which is done effectively in this short story. I hope Edwards will continue with this format, when time permits, and continue entertaining his vast number of fans.

Kudos, Mr. Edwards for another wonderful piece of writing. Keep them coming!