Kissing Games, by Mark Edwards

Three and a half stars (of five)

Edwards offers a short, yet chilling, look into his mind with this quick read. Ben and Ollie are tired of their lives and the lack of excitement they bring. On a dare, they agree to sneak out at night and explore a decrepit building in the woods, formerly used as an asylum. Loaded up with supplies, they make the trek, unaware that one of the former residents, Alice Johnson, still frequents her old home, still plagued by her need to seek revenge young boys. Her form of revenge includes killing boys and stealing a kiss from their cold lips. As Ben and Ollie arrive, things take a definite turn for the worse. Hot on their trail is Ben’s mom, Lydia, who’s roused herself from a drunken stupor and remembers Alice from her own childhood. Can Lydia save Ben from the clutches of Alice’s embrace or is this all a twisted sort of game, destined to play out. A great quick read to pass the time, showing Edwards less than savoury side.

Always a fan of Mark Edwards and his ideas, especially as he strings them together in a little thrill and horror. While this was not as scary or as spine-chilling as some of his other pieces, it does provide a glimpse into his inner Stephen King and the horrors that reside within his thought processes. Highly entertaining and a great way to pass an hour.

Kudos, Mr. Edwards for this short story to tide me over. Always happy to see your fans are recognised for their loyalty.