The Kennedy Assassination, by Jacob Hornberger

Three stars

Hornberger entertains the reader with an excerpted compilation of the various articles he’s written about the various aspects of the Kennedy assassination, all of which fuel the belief that things are not as public was led to believe. Focussing on three key areas–Kennedy’s wounds, the arrival of the body at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, and the documentation of the autopsy–Hornberger shows the reader just how outrageous the official findings tend to be. Throughout this short book, the glaring inaccuracies and fabricated evidence piles up, leaving the sensible reader to see that a conspiracy is the only possible answer. Short chapters prove highly effective to push the argument along and Hornberger’s reasoning is sound, which can only help readers understand how duped the world has been for over half a century.

I have enjoyed the ongoing Kennedy assassination conspiracy for most of my life, having cut my teeth on it during the Oliver Stone classic film. What Hornberger seeks to do in this collection is nothing new or even shocking, but only adds to the ongoing collection of evidence that readers can digest at their liking. Told in a succinct and convincing manner, Hornberger does not mince words or let characters have the benefit of the doubt. He does, however, offer strong and compelling arguments while keeping his soapbox preaching to a minimum. A good piece of conspiracy material that has younger theorists like myself eager for the day all is released for thorough vetting.  

Kudos, Mr. Hornberger for this compilation of interesting insights. I am curious to get my hands on some of your full-length articles to see more of the thorough arguments for myself.