Independence Day (Dewey Andreas #5), by Ben Coes

Four stars

Coes returns with another high-impact thriller sure to grab the reader by the collar. When a Soviet-era nuclear weapon is moved out of Ukraine, American Intelligence agencies are on high alert, as this is one of the ‘blackmarket’ weapons never officially accounted for after the Cold War. Intercepted chatter leads some of believe that an attack within America is set for July 4th, dubbed “9-12”, but few other details can be ascertained. As the CIA looks to intercept the bomb before it reaches US soil, Dewey Andreas is the choice to fulfil the mission. However, Andreas continues to struggle with the murder of his girlfriend and is sent to an Agency facility to handle his PTSD. While he has demons to wrestle, Andreas chooses to remain busy and heads to Russia to track down the suspected terrorist behind the weapon attack. As a Russian computer hacker, codenamed Cloud, continues to put his attack plan in motion, Andreas must determine how the weapon will make its way into the country and ensure it is disabled before the Fourth of July goes down in infamy around the United States. Pulling on heart strings, Andreas does all he can, while a ship steams towards the Coast. With action on multiple continents, Coes successfully weaves a wonderful thriller, complete with political drama and action to entice the reader to forge ahead.

Coes has carved a wonderful niche for himself in a busy genre, separating himself from the rest with his suspense-filled stories and chapters jammed with action. Not only can Coes tell a story with his wonderful writing style, he uses great characters to move the story along and plot-lines pulled from the headlines. Readers new to the series will be able to use this novel to pull them into wanting to devour the entire series and wait (im)patiently for the next book’s release. Coes is a master at his craft and brings Dewey Andreas to life, while putting him in countless harrowing situations. 

Kudos, Mr. Coes for another wonderful novel. I cannot wait for your next instalment in the Andreas saga, sure to impress readers yet again.