The Academy (Tracy Crosswhite #0.1), by Robert Dugoni

Four stars

Dugoni offers a wonderful precursor to his new Tracy Crosswhite series. After suffering the worst experience of her life when her sister was murdered, Tracy Crosswhite sought solace in the classroom, teaching chemistry to high schoolers, where she had control of it all. Choosing to step out of her comfort zone, Crosswhite applies for the police academy, seeking to find justice for Sarah’s murder. While the road is long and winding, Crosswhite is determined to make it through the nineteen-week course before being rewarded with a position on the force, allowing ascension to become a homicide detective. However, Tracy meets those along the way who will stop at nothing to ensure her academy time is fraught with obstacles and misdirection. Whether she can withstand the pressure is all on her. Dugoni’s new series begins with a bang, as the reader is introduced to young Tracy Crosswhite, a powerhouse with which to be reckoned.

I have come to appreciate Robert Dugoni and his writing style for a long time. When I heard of his new series, I was eager to see if it held up to his past successes. Tackling the first novel in the series, I came to realise that Tracy Crosswhite would be a force of nature driven by desire and passion to crack open the most important case of her life. With this brief introduction, Dugoni offers a teaser into what will surely be a complex character and one who uses her skills rather than her gender to climb the ladder, pushing those who seek to hamper her abilities well out of her way.

Kudos, Mr. Dugoni for this wonderful short story. I know this series will go places and I intend on seeing the route you have in store for your readers.