Private Sydney (Private #10), by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox

Four stars

The latest Private novel brings well-established author Kathryn Fox into the fold to offer her Australian expertise. As Craig Gisto has come to learn, heading up Private Sydney has its difficulties. While dealing with some personal issues, Gisto receives a call from the head of Private, Jack Morgan himself. Morgan explains that Eric Moss, CEO of a high-profile Australian research firm, has resigned his position without warning and fallen off the grid without rhyme or reason. The distraught daughter, Eliza Moss, is frantic and cannot reconcile her father’s behaviour. After opening up the investigation, Gisto realises that Moss seemingly has no identification footprint, as though he’s never existed, though many can attest to knowing him well. Gisto is left to wonder if there is more to Moss than meets the eye. As Eliza pushes harder to find her father, she is attacked in her home, leaving Gisto to wonder who is out there trying to silence the investigation into Moss’ disappearance. If that were not enough to keep Private Sydney occupied, Gisto is approached by a wealthy couple to complete a private background check on a potential surrogate, their last chance to have a child. Gisto hesitantly agrees to help, but the woman turns up dead.Could Private Sydney have paved the way for the killer to reach her,having been duped by a complex ruse? Fox and Patterson weave an interesting tale with multiple plots to keep the reader on their toes and fans of the series praising a successful addition, after a number of sub-par publications.
It is no surprise that Kathryn Fox’s work on this novel helped solidify its success. Fox remains an outstanding author in her own right and has the ability to craft wonderful stories that rise to greatness. Following the ‘Private formula’ the novel highlights a private detective firm whose work alongside the authorities earns them much credence, but who are also capable of working independently for their clients to bring about results. Fox and Patterson use a handful of key characters and plausible scenarios to pull this novel together without weighing the story down too much. Readers will be happy to see that Fox’s direction is one of succinct writing, with just enough thrill to keep the story from being predictable and should praise her for all she does to resurrect the series.Finally a Private novel worthy of praise and recommendation!
Kudos, Mr.Patterson and Madam Fox for this interesting addition to the Private collection. May you join forces again to ensure a higher quality novel falls into the hands of your fans.