The Shiro Project (Consortium Thriller #2), by David Khara

Three stars

In Khara’s second Consortium Thriller novel, the reader learns much more about Eytan Morg,after the stunning revelations revealed in the latter chapters of the opening book. With the facilities of the Bleiberg Project destroyed, those who run the Consortium are left scrambling to assert themselves on the world scene. Their target remains Eytan, whose super strength and inability to age could come in handy, should they be able to turn him, even temporarily.By kidnapping a man close to Eytan, the Ubermensch agrees to work with his nemesis and for the Consortium to complete a single mission. Eyton must explore the occurrences in a small Czech town where all its citizen are mysteriously killed and burned alive. Eyton discovers that it is some form of biological weapon with ties back to wartime-Japan, controlled by a group who make the Consortium seem tame. Eyton rushes from the Czech Republic to Japan to piece it all together, Khara takes the reader on another historical ride to see how scientific experimentation by the Axis powers could be more deplorable than first thought possible. An interesting second instalment in the series that may entertain the reader curious in passing a little free time.

While it might be the translation or simply the premise, the story is not as thrilling as the opening novel, though the potential remains. Khara does a decent job depicting Eytan in this struggle to find himself after being a Nazi experiment in his Warsaw ghetto. As Eyton plays a central role in the story and offers the reader more insight into his backstory, the pace of the novel was somewhat subdued and did not have the same propelled action as I would have hoped or expected. The reader is offered some horrific historical glimpses into the Japanese atrocities inflicted during the War and can only speculate as to the sadistic nature of the experiments undertaken in the name of science. Khara has surely done his research in that domain.
Kudos, M. Khara for another interesting instalment of the series. I hope the next novel has more action and stamina, to return the series to its thrilling status.