Shadow Tag, by Raymond Khoury and Steve Berry

Seven stars

In this quirky, yet highly entertaining piece, Khoury and Berry tell a story that will keep their fans smiling throughout. While attending the Thrillfest convention in London, Khoury and Berry are kidnapped by a collection of thugs highly interested in their creative ideas. The authors are tasked with creating the most devastating and unique act of terror to be unleashed on the world; one that no one has ever seen and would least expect. Meanwhile, Sean Reilly is contacted and summoned to London, using coded message about something Templar related. After contacting his old friend, Cotton Malone, they meet to track down these two Americans, before being caught in the web of the same thugs and imprisoned. Detained alongside the authors who created them on the written page, Malone and Reilly must determine how to get free before things get completely out of control. Can this foursome escape before a major act of terror comes to pass? In a way only Khoury and Berry could have devised, this short story packs action alongside moments of wonderful humour.

What brilliance, not only starring in their own story, but utilising characters that made them famous to help with the rescue attempt! Told with some background information about how Khoury and Berry developed their friendship, after both writing independently successful novels about the Templars, the reader can bask in this piece and see things come to life. As Malone and Reilly do what they do best, find a way out of any predicament, the story progresses nicely and keeps the reader wondering how it will all work itself out. While the reader must suspend reality a little and not expect too much in the way of character development or significant plot creation, the idea and delivery are wonderful and deserve much praise. If only life mirrored the world of fiction!

Kudos, Messrs. Khoury and Berry for this wonderful little piece of writing. I hope you consider doing a little more of this, as you left quite the cliffhanger for your readers to ponder.