The Athens Solution (Scot Harvath #14.5), by Brad Thor

Eight stars 

In this short story, Thor ramps up the action in only a few pages and offers readers a great literary piece to accompany a brief cup of tea. When the US Ambassador to Greece is shown a piece of technology able to manipulate sensitive information, he organises its purchase with the backing of the White House. During the transaction, a number of Americans are killed and the technology kept from the safety of US control. The terrorist organisation 21 August claims responsibility and is brokering a deal to sell the technology to the highest bidder. Enter Scot Harvath, who arrives in Greece to acquire the technology and ensure it does not fall into enemy hands. However, what Harvath discovers is anything but expected, placing him in the crosshairs and subject to becoming the hunted.

Brad Thor has built his protagonist over a number of novels and short pieces, creating a persona that entertains as well as educates. In this short piece, Harvath is sent on another of his harrowing missions with only minimal assistance, but with the safety of the Free World resting on his shoulders. This is a great story, which reads quickly, and is full of trademark Harvath wit. Perhaps too brief to fully appreciate any character development, but highly entertaining nonetheless, while showing the reader that things cannot always turn out as one can hope, even for the hero.

Kudos Mr. Thor. Great work as you help ardent fans bridge the time until the next full-length novel comes out.