Hunt for the Enemy (The Enemy #3), by Rob Sinclair

Seven stars

First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Rob SInclair, and Clink Street for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.

In this captivating finale to the Enemy trilogy, Sinclair pulls out all the stops as he offers up Carl Logan at his best. While Logan was once the gem in the JIA (Joint Intelligence Agency), he has become a pariah and persona non grata over time, leaving him with little support and even less protection. On the lam in Russia, Logan is fleeing former friends and foes alike, all of whom consider him a traitor after a number of JIA agents and high-ranking officials have been murdered. Framed for these murders, he turns to the only person he feels can help him, Angela Grainger, with whom he has a mixed passed. While they remain under the radar, Logan and Grainger are forced to reach out to certain people to move out of Russia and towards safety. Meanwhile, the new head of the JIA is trying to piece together what has happened while his predecessor was at the helm and what secrets remain. With the CIA still trying to pull the strings, he must communicate with Logan and ascertain if this rogue agent is truly as problematic as he seems on paper. While Logan dodges traps and pitfalls, there is something that is not entirely clear; who is framing him for murder and why? Sinclair treats readers to a lightning-paced novel in which twists dominate throughout.

This trilogy fits so nicely together and offers up a wonderful addition to the thriller genre. As I commented in a past review, there is so much more to Carl Logan than is offered up, but Sinclair has given the reader a glimpse into the life of this agent and some of the turmoil that surrounds his employ with the JIA. By using a few flashback stories, Sinclair ties Logan’s previous missions to this finale and ensures the reader gets a better sense of the man and his dedication to the outfit, even if members of the JIA, CIA, and Russia’s SVR have him on their kill lists. Logan is able to foster a relationship with Angela Grainger, who was central to his being vilified, and uses that trust to move indiscriminately through Russia and beyond. While there is so much more that Sinclair could have done with Logan, perhaps there are other projects on which he wishes to work, keeping Logan an ever-elusive character whose return is a possibility. For now, readers must rely on this well-crafted piece of work that keeps the pace quick and the plot filled with action.

Kudos, Mr. Sinclair for this wonderful trilogy. It kept my attention from the start and I look forward to seeing what else you have in your quiver.