A Fine Mist of Blood: A Harry Bosch Original Podcast

Eight stars

In this interesting podcast story written by Michael Connelly, the reader is able to sit through a thirty-minute narrative full of excitement. While awaiting a reinstatement appointment, Bosch receives a call linking a current case he and Jerry Edgar are working with one from 2002. As Bosch and Edgar refresh themselves on Diane Gables, the potential witness from both crimes, they realise the events tying her to the current case are fledging, to say the least. Gables finds herself in an area of LA far from her home, caught running a red light after filing a police report for a hit and run. The detectives seek to interview her to see if they can uncover anything else. Bosch senses that she is lying about something, as she does not reveal any role in the 2002 killing of a crooked gold trader, though he works solely on a gut instinct. When he returns to revisit Gables’ home, he learns the foundation of his case, as well as the one gathering mothballs from 2002. Connelly fans will rush to this piece, if they can get their hands on it, for their own little Harry Bosch fix!

As always, Connelly offers up a wonderful story, no matter its length. The reader is able to find solace with Harry Bosch and his instincts for police work. Be it a book or on the screen, Bosch is a character that is both loved and respected by readers/viewers, his life full of many entertaining vignettes. Connelly has perfected the character over two decades and keeps things fresh with each new instalment. Using Titus Welliver in this piece is genius, as was his casting for the television show (and audiobook narrator). I devour these pieces and cannot get enough of Connelly’s ideas, as they remain fresh and tied to new technologies in police work.

Kudos, Mr. Connelly for this wonderful 21st century approach to Harry Bosch. I am happy to see what else you have in store for your fans in the months to come.