Jack and Joe (Hunt for Reacher #6), by Diane Capri

Seven stars

Capri returns with another Hunt for Reacher novel, pulling in past history of Lee Child’s popular character with her own spin. Working alone at the start of this mission, FBI Special Agent Kim Otto head to Fort Bird, North Carolina to liaise with a former military colleague of Jack Reacher’s, at a posting that saw nothing but trouble develop for the elusive man. Learning little of interest on Base, Otto settles in for a quiet night at her hotel, but is roused by a shooting at the local strip club. She soon learns that her contact at Fort Bird, Colonel Summer, died in a horrific automobile accident on her way to Fort Bird. After meeting up with her partner, Carlos Gaspar, they head to Texas to follow a lead. It appears that while Jack Reacher was creating nothing but enemies for himself, brother Joe was the apple of everyone’s eye. With more dead ends related to Jack Reacher, both Otto and Gaspar feel it has been a wasted trip until they find a strong connection between Summer and Reacher back in 1990. Apparently they were closer than they let on, which opens new questions about the auto accident. The further the agents dig to discover anything tied to Reacher, the more a current military storyline comes to the surface. While Reacher ties everyone together, there are other corrupt practices that leave Summer at the centre of an investigation that goes all the way up the chain of command. Capri does well to keep her Reacher fans hooked and begging for more.

While I have long been a fan of the Jack Reacher novels that Lee Child churns out annually, using Capri as an additional source of entertainment never lets me down. She works wonderfully to spin the breadcrumbs left about Reacher’s past into a full-fledged series as the FBI continues its hunt for this most elusive of characters. Working a double story in this novel, Capri helps her readers feel a close connection to all that is taking place while staying true to the Reacher facts placed in previous novels. A wonderful and somewhat succinct parallel to the Child series, Capri continues to impress.

Kudos, Madam Capri for this story and your efforts to keep the Hunt for Reacher alive and well. I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for Otto and Gaspar in the months to come.