Brute Force (Jericho Quinn #6), by Marc Cameron

Seven stars

Cameron brings the continuation of his high-impact story to a head with this great piece of action. After a devastating biological attack, America is in political ruins. The President of the United States has no real control of the country, bowing to terrorists and a vice president, Lee McKeon, who has his finger on the pulse of what is needed while he forges into new and devastating battle to sink the country once and for all. With Special Agent Jericho Quinn on the lam, he is unable to stop what is sure to be a horrible stand-off with the Chinese. Two Chinese terrorist have escaped from their Pakistani prison and are headed homeward, where they possess the ultimate of weapons, the Black Dragon. It is only when Quinn learns of this weapon that he realises the extent of the trouble America faces. Meanwhile, with key members of the former cabinet either in hiding or custody, a plot to remove the Administration is underway. However, use of an ultra-vigilant security agency keeps the POTUS and VPOTUS firmly in power. Quinn uses connections within the Chinese hierarchy to help propel him back to America, where he alone might be able to stop the atrocity before America succumbs to the ultimate political defeat. A powerfully written piece that will keep Cameron fans itching for more.

While I had some trouble getting into the novel, I suspect it was more my mindset outside of being a reader than anything else. Cameron utilises his usual recipe for success, with strong characters, humour, and high-paced action all set against the ongoing dilemma of the American political system. In this novel, he expands the reader’s mind with knowledge of back country Chinese goings-on and the nuances of the arms war between America and China. With succinct chapters and interesting plots, Cameron is able to steer the story as easily as Jerico Quinn might one of his specialized motorbikes. Well written with just enough to keep the reader wanting another novel, to push the story further.

Kudos, Mr. Cameron for another Jericho Quinn thriller. I have been a fan for a while and do not see myself shying away soon.