Come and Get Us: A BookShot, by James Patterson and Shan Serafin

Seven stars

In their second BookShot collaboration, Patterson and Serafin deliver another winner, as unique as it is adventurous. Travelling along the canyons between Arizona and Utah, Miranda Cooper has husband, Aaron, and four year-old, Sierra, along for the ride. After an impatient driver forces them off the road, their van careens into a ravine. Hurt, scared, and out of cell range, the family must regroup and Miranda takes charge. Miranda guides Aaron and Sierra away from the elements, but with a significant injury, hoping she can return with help before it’s too late. Miranda begins traversing rocky terrain in order to find any sign of life, coming across the group of men who pushed her off the road. With gunshots ringing throughout the ravine and working alone, Miranda must find safety and contact the authorities before she’s killed, thereby leaving Aaron and Sierra to perish, alone and forgotten. In a quick-paced story that has as much social justice as it does action, Patterson and Serafin present a polished product that is sure to lure in many BookShot fans, as well as those who need a short break from the everyday.

While there is never a guarantee when it comes to a BookShot, Serafin has brought two winners in his efforts to combine talents with James Patterson. The story is unique and offers readers something different, even amongst the BookShot collection. There are also some believable characters placed in somewhat realistic situations, which keeps readers visualising events as they transpire. As the story progresses, the reader finds themselves somewhat drawn to Miranda and her success at trying to find a solution for the family, even as she realises that nothing may be as it seems. Her gumption and the pace at which the authors push the story keep the reader hooked and seeking to learn a little more. With a little social commentary buried within the narrative, Patterson and Serafin open a dialogue that requires the reader to ponder a little, though nothing is as it appears on the surface. Crisp, concise, and truly imaginative. This is the sort of story perfect for the BookShots idea.

Kudos, Messrs. Patterson and Serafin for another successful collaboration. I am eager to see what else you two have planned for readers.