Boosted: A Shea Stevens Short Thriller (Shea Stevens # 0.5), by Dharma Kelleher

Eight stars

I discovered the gritty work of Dharma Kelleher earlier this year and devoured her two novels with Shea Stevens in the protagonist’s seat. With this recently released prequel short story, Kelleher takes readers back to see just how Shea’s youth shaped her into being the woman she is today, still obsessed with motorcycles and with a keen eye for business opportunities. At the age of sixteen, Shea Stevens seeks to carve out her own niche. Her father is the former president of the Confederate Thunder Motorcycle Club, a renegade group that has dodged the law for a long time. Added to that, Shea witnessed him kill her mother in cold blood, leaving Shea in the hands of DCS. While there is much money to be made in selling dope, she wants something with a greater reward. After hearing that she could make money delivering vehicles to the local chop shop, Shea and her girlfriend try to ‘apply’ for a job. However, no one seems to want to take the bait and she’s sent walking. With her silver tongue, Shea is able to convince the owner to give her one chance and is sent to heist a vehicle in short order. Zeroing in on the car she wants, Shea tries to hot-wire it and get it back for her fee. After learning that she’s taken the vehicle of Milo Volkov, a member of the Chechen mob, Shea rushes to return the vehicle to save her girlfriend’s life. Milo has other ideas and thinks that he can overpower Shea, but she has an agenda all her own. What follows is the early stages of grit and determination that series fans have come to expect in Shea Stevens. A wonderfully quick story that gives the reader a little more insight into the life of Shea Stevens and the start to what will surely be an interesting career, with Confederate Thunder casting a long shadow. Kelleher fans will enjoy this one, perfect for that morning coffee period.

As I mentioned before, Dharma Kelleher is a fairly recent addition to my reading library, but the gamble has paid off many times over. Fans of SAMCRO will likely enjoy this series and might enjoy the early years of She Stevens’ life. The story is short enough that there is little time for character development, but the premise is clear; Shea has always put herself first and is happy to blur the line between legal and illegal, as long as she ends up safe. The full-length novels reveal much about Shea and her entire entourage, but this piece is equally entertaining and shows that Kelleher is looking to hash out her protagonist to better explore how things turned around for everyone involved. Intriguing and full of bantering dialogue that is ideal for series fans, this is not a piece to miss. Plus, Amazon had it on for a single American cent (since we lost the penny in Canada).

Kudos, Madam Kelleher for entertaining me with all you write. I hope others come to see the great novels (and short pieces) you bring to the table.

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