In Plain Sight (Blake Jordan #3), by Ken Fite

Nine stars

Yet another strong political thriller by Ken Fite, with a story that finds its feet in the early chapters and never stops developing. I discovered Fite by accident and was blown away with his series debut, which forced me to locate the rest of the series—Amazon seems to have the exclusive market of these digital releases—and devour the novels in short order. In this third piece, Blake Jordan is settling into his position as a special advisor to the American president. While in Chicago visiting his former parter and apparent love interest, Jami Davis, Jordan realises that many of the situations in which he has found himself seem to go south, leaving him to wonder about a personal curse. Before they can begin a discussion on the matter, Jordan and Davis are made aware of a murder back in DC. What makes it all the more alarming is that the victim worked as a cyber analyst with powerful connections. Rushing back to Washington, Jordan learns of a cyberattack along the East Coast, one that paralysed the federal infrastructure for a time, which could only prove devastating in the future if the perpetrator can cripple communications indefinitely. After a show of might that includes a transportation disaster, the group responsible claims to have larger plans for the coming days. Jordan comes face to face with one of his past nemeses who appears to be connected to the upcoming terrorist act, but wants immunity before revealing anything. With little idea where and when regarding the terror strike, Jordan must team-up with various organisations in the intelligence community, including the Department of Domestic Counterintelligence (DDC), where he led the Chicago office until he was summarily dismissed. Much strong-arming finally provides intel that the act of terrorism is set for New Year’s Eve, though Jordan’s friend is being held at an unknown location as well. Information is being released at a trickle, with little time to spare, leaving Jordan, Davis, and the rest of the team in a panic. While Jordan and Davis try to crack the mystery wide open, they must also decide how they fit into one another’s lives. Either way, it will come to an explosive ending that will have series fans on the edge of their seats. Fite has done it again with a stellar novel that puts Blake Jordan in the middle of a nail-biting thrill ride. Easily read as a standalone, but a wonderful complement to the previous two novels in the series, should the reader wish to embark on a larger adventure. Highly recommended to those who love a good thriller, particularly the reader who has read the previous two books.

Ken Fite writes with much intensity and knows his politics, the perfect recipe for a successful political thriller. Fite continues to explore the world of Blake Jordan in his amorphous role within the West Wing. The backstory is minimal, but what the series fan will know helps propel Jordan to piece it all together while tackling the current issue. Blake Jordan is a man on a mission, no matter what it might be, putting America before his own safety. Jordan gets to the heart of the matter, discovering surprises bone-chilling information about the larger intelligence community that could shape the way in which America is governed. Jordan and Agent Jami Davis pair up nicely to get to the core of the terror threat, working as well on their personal connection, though time seems to be very limited on that front. The handful of other characters are a mix of returning vets and new faces, all of whom work to shape the plot in their own way. Fite is never short of political situations and uses his characters effectively to keep the reader connected to the larger narrative. The pace of the novel helps make it stand out and will surely grab the reader’s attention from the outset, particularly with short chapters that inject cliffhangers to propel the reader to read ‘just a little more’. I’ve binge-read the first three novels and will definitely be reaching for Book 4 to see what direction Blake Jordan takes, particularly with the revelation at the end of this book.

Kudos, Mr. Fite, for a great series that keeps getting better. Bring on more adventure for all!

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