Redemption (Amos Decker #5), by David Baldacci

Eight stars

In another thrilling novel, David Baldacci places Amos Decker in the middle of a case that will require all his attention. While visiting his daughter’s grave, Amos Decker is approached by a man he put away for murder over a decade ago. Released for compassionate reasons, the man professes that his conviction was wrong and that Decker needs to reevaluate the work he did when serving with the local police department. Now, armed with a task and reunited with his former partner, Decker is trying to piece together the narrative from the murder. When the original accused is murdered himself, Decker can only surmise that someone is trying to silence an attempt to find justice. The further he digs, the more Decker uncovers, though some of it is surely as painful for him as it is for the families of the victims and the accused. When others die, Decker refuses to let that deter him and forges ahead at full speed. The town of Burlington, Ohio may have changed after all these years, but there are still secrets that linger, including one that could destroy its bucolic nature. Can Decker save all that he holds dear without allowing his past to fade into oblivion? Another wonderful novel by Baldacci, who has been keeping the Decker series fresh and insightful for fans. Recommended for those who love a good mystery and have followed the series from its inception.

I have long been a fan of David Baldacci and his work, having seen him through many series over a number of years. I became curious about Amos Decker from the start, as the premise caught my attention from the outset. With a well-established backstory, Amos Decker would appear to have little to offer the reader, though his past is always coming back to work its magic and old cases receive new life. As the story begins with Decker returning to Burlington, the reader is taken back and discovers some of the pain the series protagonist has been holding onto over the past number of years. Others add depth and intrigue to the story and propel Decker forward to make key choices that not only move the mystery in a key direction, but also help to give the characters entertaining. Moving into the fifth novel in this series, there is little lag as Baldacci continues to offer fresh and interesting directions for his protagonist. With a mix of short chapters and those with more depth to build suspense, Baldacci pulls the reader in from the outset and shows why he is at the top of his game. I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for his fans and what sort of directions things will go in the foreseeable future.

Kudos, Mr. Baldacci, for never letting up and keeping this series full of twists for those who like to be surprised.

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