Jack of Spades (Hunt for Reacher #8), by Diane Capri

Eight stars

In her latest instalment of the Hunt for Reacher series, Diane Capri takes readers close to the elusive man’s family, or so we are led to believe. FBI Special Agent Kim Otto continues to track down Jack Reacher, following some leads up to a small town in New Hampshire. It’s here that she believes she can make some headway, as it appears to be a town full of Reachers. No one admits to knowing Jack Reacher or being a part of his immediate family, but Otto is not giving up. She’s honed her investigation on Reacher’s nephew, who is headed out to California to get some answers from the uncle no one seems to know. While he travels there, a Canadian couple who was intricately involved in a recent Jack Reacher sighting in Laconia, New Hampshire now holds onto a duffle bag that could bring them much trouble. With the rightful owners ready to shed blood in order to get what they feel belongs to them, Otto will have to keep an eye out for trouble while also looking for the man who has continually been one step ahead of her. With a new partner and her old one offering nuggets of wisdom, Kim Otto will have to work quickly or face another dead-end situation. A great addition to the Hunt for Reacher series, permitting Capri to build on some of the most intense Reacher work that Lee Child wrote not long ago. Recommended for series fans, as well as the reader who enjoys a quick read that packs quite the punch.

I have long loved anything Reacher, so when I stumbled upon this series, I am eager to see how it would all tie in. While Capri loosely hints at the benefits of reader the associated Lee Child work alongside her own, I enjoy going at it alone and doing by best to make sense of everything. Capri offers some wonderful characters and delves deeper into some of the cases that appear in Jack Reacher novels. Kim Otto has grown tremendously in this piece, coming into her own and finding ways to run the investigation effectively, even when she’s paired up with a new partner. Others do well in their participation of the story, sometimes adding to the initial introduction they received from Lee Child, while others make their mark for the first time. The story moves quickly and leaves little time for pandering around, as there is much to accomplish in short order. Capri has honed her skills and shows that she is not only in-tune with her close friend, Lee Child, but is able to complement his work and provide a deeper look into some of the central characters who may offer valuable insight into finding Jack Reacher!

Kudos, Madam Capri, for another wonderful addition to the series. I am eager to see if Otto will ever catch Reacher, or if this is a game of cat and mouse destined never to end.

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