A Gambler’s Jury, by Victor Methos

Eight stars

In another of his stunning legal thrillers, Victor Methos ekes out a unique approach to the law with a case that will keep the reader curious throughout. Dani Rollins is a brash lawyer whose clients may be sitting as criminal defendants, but are never certain to face jail time. She fights the good—and dirty—fight each day, though sometimes cannot distinguish which side she wants to join when it comes to fraternizing with those who pay her salary. When Teddy Thorne and his family enter her office, Rollins is baffled. Thorne is seventeen and has an intellectual impairment, though is being charged with dealing over 8 kgs of cocaine. Oblivious to all of this, Thorne wants only to share his love of movies and early-morning cartoons. When Rollins agrees to take the case, she is baffled as to why the judge would automatically agree to negate juvenile court. As the case progresses, it soon appears obvious that something odd is taking place, as Thorne is abandoned by his family and the court seems ready to fast-track a trial and conviction. Balancing a shaky home life, Rollins soon realises that this case might be too much for her, as she is fighting against a well-built brick wall. With nothing to lose, save a night in jail for contempt, Dani Rollins is prepared to find out what ulterior motives are being used and how Teddy Thorne is being railroaded for someone else’s benefit. A well-paced piece that Methos uses to open the eyes of the reader at every turn. Recommended for those who love a good legal thriller, as well as readers who enjoy Victor Methos and his writing.

I stumbled onto Victor Methos a while back and find that I can never get enough of his books. Filled not only with great writing but poignant cases, Methos shows that his work as a lawyer is not lost. The themes that emerge are ones that the reader can enjoy or hate depending on their mood. Dani Rollins is a wonderful protagonist, as she takes no prisoners and is always on the defensive. Gritty and determined, Rollins is always looking for the loophole that will keep her client safe, even if that means sacrificing her own freedom from a judge’s contempt citation. She balances work with a home life that sees her trying to process a pending divorce, but never gives up on either. Her courtroom magic might be diluted by a corrupt legal system, but she forges onwards as best she can. Other characters create a wonderful addition to the storyline and they help to highlight the legal pitfalls of the system. There is much to say on the topic and Methos has chosen well with his cast of characters. The story is one some may call far-fetched and completely fabricated, but Methos assures readers in the author’s note that it is founded in reality. With a strong narrative and wonderful plots, Methos explores the law and all its faults. Sure to captivate many, Methos is one author not to dismiss when looking for superior legal thrillers.

Kudos, Mr. Methos, for another great legal piece. I am addicted to all you have to share.

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