Down in the Hole: A Flash Fiction Thriller, by Dharma Kelleher

Eight stars

Jonesing for some Dharma Kelleher, having not read her novels in a while, I stumbled upon this extremely short piece. After a rape trial, the mother of the victim is not feeling entirely redeemed. While her daughter’s rapist was found guilty, the fact that he is a burgeoning track star caught the eye of the judge, who refuses to send him to jail. Now, free to roam on the outside, justice will have to be meted out. How much is just the right amount? Read and see, as Kelleher has quite the ending for you!

While Dharma Kelleher is not the typical author I would find myself reading, her writing pulls me in every time. Be it crime thrillers with bikers or something a little edgier, there’s nothing like reading a story outside your comfort zone. With a great ability to convey things in a few words, Kelleher is an author worth a second look.

Kudos, Madam Kelleher, for a great short piece. While my review may almost be longer than this short story, I cannot criticize the quality of your work.

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