Active Measures (Jericho Quinn #8), by Marc Cameron

Eight stars

Marc Cameron returns with another novel in the Jericho Quinn series, sure to impress those who have followed from the beginning, as well and new and curious readers. Mixing some new locales and an interesting thrill angle, Cameron succeeds again at impressing his reading core. When a family of Cuban nationals arrives in South Florida, they come with a dire warning about an imminent attack geared towards the United States. Jericho Quinn receives word of this and agrees to make his way down to see what’s going on. A secret operative for Homeland Security, Quinn gathers his usual crew, only to discover that his Florida contact has been murdered. Quinn realises that they will have to sneak into Cuba to see the extent of the threat. This will allow Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Garcia to return to her place of birth and contact some family members, while also helping diffuse any situation. While Quinn seeks to do some reconnaissance work, Ronnie visits her aunt, only to discover that she has a half-sister about whom she knew nothing. While this shock resonates, she tries to learn a little more about the threat that had them visit this communist country. Jericho appears hard pressed to learn about what’s going on, finding himself on the wrong side of Cuban law when his undercover situation is blown. Quinn is held in a Cuban prison and treated to their ‘best’ antics, which is sure to make any incarceration in American seem like a five star hotel. Meanwhile, a ruthless Cuban general has plans to resurrect Cuba’s strength in the region and goes to far lengths to ensure the annihilation of America, in Castro’s honour. With Quinn being used as a human punching bag and Ronnie questioning what other secrets her parents kept from her, the future of America hangs in the balance. There is no time to ask questions, all while doing this under the radar, with the world oblivious. Marc Cameron showcases some wonderful new ideas in this series that remains top of its game. Recommended to those who have long enjoyed Jericho Quinn’s adventures, as well as the reader who enjoys new angles in the thriller genre.

I have long enjoyed Marc Cameron’s solo work, which explores interesting aspects of the thriller genre. He’s always eager to put his protagonist in interesting situations that are sure to keep the reader highly entertained. Jericho Quinn has been around for a while, long enough to have left much of his backstory in past novels. He is a great operative in his own right, but still finds himself rushing ahead and making some poor decisions, including landing in the Hotel Havana for a time. Others, both recurring and new characters help to flesh out this fast moving piece. Of great interest is the family angle for Ronnie Garcia. Both Cameron’s introduction of this new sister angle and some time with other family, Garcia’s character receives a breath of fresh air, while leaving the door open for new and exciting character development in the future. With numerous plot angles, these characters propel the narrative forward and keeps the reader intrigued. In a series that has moved through some domestic terrorism, Cameron pushes his characters outside of America to help solve a crime of chilling proportions. A mix of short and longer chapters keep the reader wanting to know more as the narrative takes many tangential paths that enrich the larger story. While some readers found this less than their ideal novel, I suspect them dove in too late to fully appreciate the series and its wonderful nuances. I look forward to what else Cameron has for the reader in the years to come!

Kudos, Mr. Cameron, for another stellar piece in this ever-evolving series. Always impressed when authors can remove themselves from traditional plots while keeping the story current.

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