Rough Justice: Three Ben Kincaid Stories, by William Bernhardt

Eight stars

To end the year, I thought I would return to a short collection of short stories by William Bernhardt, in his powerful Ben Kincaid series. I have read them all on their own before, but with this collection, I chose to re-post the reviews together, for the curious reader.

Yuletide Justice (Ben Kincaid # 18.5)

A short story set on Christmas Eve seeks to invoke both the traditional Bernhardt mystery with some holiday cheer sure to warm the heart of any reader. When Ben Kincaid offers to help with the simple theft of $400 at the local pawn shop, what appears to be a case of sticky fingers by one of its employees turns out to have deeper rationale. Trying to piece the clues together, Ben discovers the truth and has a holiday season epiphany of his own, showing the softer side to his somewhat frigid character.

What We’re Here For (Ben Kincaid # 7.5)

In this short story, the reader revisits the powerful courtroom antics of Ben Kincaid,. In the midst of a personal injury trial, Kincaid fights for a client whose modelling career is over after a horrible car accident. Making his case against a wealthy doctor and his wife, the case gets away from Kincaid, forcing him to look to alternate avenues to bring justice to the forefront. Finding that tiny loophole, Kincaid seeks to bring a sliver of joy to someone whose life is otherwise ruined.

After Hours (A Novella in the Ben Kincaid series)

Bernhardt turns away from traditional main character, Ben Kincaid to allow his friend, Mike Morrelli, to take centre stage. When Morreilli begins a homicide investigation into a graphic murder, the baggage that follows is more than some can handle. Morrelli wrestles with all that he has placed before him and realises that his personal life has strong parallels to the situation that befell the victim. A great story sure to connect story lines ahead of Bernhardt’s newest novel that he admits is on its way in the autumn.

It is always a pleasure to return to Bernhardt’s first series and dabble amongst some of the great short pieces he penned. I always enjoyed Ben Kincaid, as I do Daniel Pike and the new characters that Bernhardt has created. I hope readers will, as I did, discover the wonders of Kincaid and the legal nuances he faced in a long and storied career. If this short pieces spark an interest, all the better!

Kudos, Mr. Bernhardt, for reminding me yet again why I enjoy your writing so much!

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