A Warning, by Anonymous

Eight stars

As the political circus in the United States continues to reach its five-ring splendour, many people look on and shake their heads. There is another incarnation soon to come in the form of a presidential election by the end of this year, which will surely be as intense and full of mud-slinging, as well as a peppering or racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic sentiments in the guise of ‘saying what everyone is thinking’. But, what can you expect when the purported leader of the Free World has no sense of decorum. I approached this book with the same trepidation I have many of the other tell-all Trump books over the past few years. Will something come to light that I can seriously credit to being useful to better understanding how things are being run into the ground as the world watches? Many other tomes have been attempted smears or sour grapes, which I do not deny, while also understanding that there are truths buried in the narratives. This book left me feeling differently and perhaps a little more worried. The author, who chooses not to reveal themselves for well-founded reasons discussed in the introduction, offers the reader insider views of the West Wing and Oval Office, particularly when it comes to the way Donald J. Trump runs his show. Much of it will not shock the reader—he does not read, he changes his mind hourly, his views are expressed in Tweets rather than formal policy announcements—though coming from the inside and not someone who has been scorned on the outside makes it a little more worrisome. Additionally, there are other areas the public is not privy to know about that have turned into major gaffes, saved only by aides and cabinet officials steering the train back on track with a moment’s notice. The author purports that much of the comments made in and by media outlets are true, well-grounded, and not jaded at all. The real Donald J. Trump, as his Twitter handle says, is the one we know so well. Coming into the election cycle, people need to know this and that it is not some mirage or #fakenews. There are solutions, the greatest of which rests in the hands of the electorate, which cannot be ignored. I can only hope enough people heed these warnings and think ahead of November 3, 2020. Told in a balanced manner with many examples, the author uses historical studies and research to substantiate some of these authoritarian traits, as well as the direction the country is headed should they not be nipped in the bud. A great read for those who want fact over smear, as well as a sobering look by someone inside the Storm who is trying desperately to hold things together.

I have never hidden my disdain for Donald J. Trump or his Administration. While some criticise me for speaking out, as I do not live in the United States, I simply remind them that this is a man whose stupidities cause waves all over, especially above the 45th Parallel. The shenanigans that come from the horrible things that are said and done cannot be a slip of the tongue or pen on occasion, this is the real deal. The author supports that and keeps the reader enthralled with examples and comparisons to historical rules as they relate to power, control, and democracy. This is not a study of the man, but of how one man and his sycophants have taken the Office of the President and turned it into their own plaything. Suckling at the teat of Mother Russia, finding new ways to divide the country, and distant the world from this country on the verge of social collapse seem to be on the checklist of this Administration for as long as they are permitted. The author uses these strong examples and a handful of well-crafted chapters to show that this is not a nightmare, but a full-on disaster scenario that cannot be ended with one election. Like a child on a full tantrum, the mess will take a long time to fix, but that kid needs OUT of the store right now. I marvel at how this tome was ‘rushed to be written’, as it is so well done and thought out. It substantiates where there is a need and dismisses some of the rhetoric that some will use to deflate it. The choice to not reveal themselves was brilliant and the reasoning, while it irks supporters and some reviewers who are entranced with Donald Jerk Trump, keeps the spotlight on the man who is banging pots. Americans have a choice this November and I hope they use it wisely. We, in the outside world, await to see what happens, but we are far from unaffected.

Kudos, Anonymous, whomever you may be! I hope your words reach the electorate in time and that much of what you say sinks in.

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