A Killer’s Wife (Desert Plains #1), by Victor Methos

Eight stars

Victor Methos is back with another captivating thriller that mixes crime and the law, with a dash of serial murder. Jessica Yardley is a US Attorney in Nevada with an interesting past. Once married to a sadistic serial killer, Yardley is trying to distance herself from that past—one about which she had no idea—and raise a teenage daughter on her own. When she is approached by the FBI about a set of murders, she is stunned to see they replicate those of her ex, Eddie Cal. After agreeing to serve as a prosecutor overseeing the investigation, Yardley cannot get it out of her head that someone is trying to lure her back into a state of vulnerability with these gruesome crimes. If that were not all, Yardley’s daughter is brilliant but making all the wrong choices and finds herself mixed-up with the wrong crowd. Juggling both a personal and professional life, Yardley finds the momentum she needs and isolates something that connects the crimes, only to realise she knows the killer. When the accused is brought to court, Jessica Yardley can only watch, told that she is too close to participate in the courtroom. However, this accused is wily and a legal powerhouse, shredding the US Attorney prosecuting at every turn. With a killer set to be freed and double jeopardy sure to take effect, Jessica Yardley will have to do all she can to prevent disaster yet again, no matter whose help she seeks. Methos does it again with a thriller that pulled me in and kept the story strong. Recommended to those who love quick paced legal thrillers, as well as the reader familiar with Victor Methos and his work.

I discovered Victor Methos and his wonderful collection of novels last summer and have not been able to get enough. He mixes the thrill of a legal story with the sharpness of a great set of crimes, finding that healthy balance that keeps the reader wanting to know more. Jessica Yardley takes the protagonist’s seat and does so in fine form. Her wittiness is balanced with a work ethic like no other. She is in it for the long haul, not the praise or adoration. That she has had much placed at her feet in years past is another thing that keeps her going, though she is careful to conceal that as much as possible. Sharp in the courtroom, Jessica hates those who do not take the law seriously or seek to protect the weak and vulnerable, but she is also aware that she cannot save the world. Other gritty characters find themselves in the web of this book, developing their own backstories and complement Jessica’s effectively. I am eager to see how things progress, as this is supposedly the debut of a new series. The story was quite strong and took some wonderful turns that kept me guessing, as the court case seems almost to come apart on numerous occasions. Methos tells the story so effortlessly and left me wanting to know more, while pacing things out so that I am not too sure what to expect next. This is a great legal thriller and those who dislike serial murders may actually be able to put them aside for the great narrative and short chapters that push things along so effectively. I am eager to see what else this series brings, though I realise that I will have to be patient.

Kudos, Mr. Methos, for another great thriller. I am surely keeping an eye out to see what else you have in mind for your fans!

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