Quiet Wolf (DI Jamie Johansson #5), by Morgan Greene

Eight stars

First and foremost, a large thank you to Morgan Greene for providing me with a copy of this novel, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

Happy to have the latest Morgan Greene novel in hand, I rushed to settle down with Detective Jamie Johansson yet again. Greene develops another great crime thriller in rural Sweden, where Johansson finds herself in the middle of a missing person investigation. Still living in Kurrajakk, Detective Jamie Johansson has found her routine as she helps police the community. When she receives a frantic call from her former partner, Johansson makes her way even further north to look for a missing family. What she discovers is something far more confusing and sinister. Greene develops this series so well and keeps the reader on their toes throughout.

Detective Jamie Johansson has found her groove in the northern Swedish community of Kurrajakk. One of a literal handful of police, Johansson and her partner, Kjell Thorsen, must keep the peace. When Johansson receives a call from her former partner about a missing family in an even more remote community, she can Thorsen agree to have a look.

When they arrive, the sole police officer says that he is unsure what might have happened and cannot see any foul play, something that Johansson and Thorsen contradict when they make their way to the scene. Human hair and tire marks litter the road, depicting a worrisome crime scene. Now, it is a matter of finding them, left to wonder if there is a killer on the loose.

With the local police officer vowing that nothing is amiss and that the family has turned up at a local church, Johansson is not satisfied. When she and Thorsen investigate, they discover a group who call themselves the Wolves and act in a very peculiar manner. Their views are steeped in the Bible, as well as turning towards a leader who has all the answers. Alas, while Johansson and Thorsen want to help the family, it would seem that no one is going anywhere without a little push, something that might require help from all the way in Stockholm. A chilling thriller that will keep series fans on their toes and new readers rushing to get caught up with all that DI Jamie Johansson has to offer.

Since I was first introduced to the work of Morgan Greene, I have come to build a connection to Jamie Johansson. The strong writing Greene offers up and the storytelling never disappoints, leaving me to wonder what else is to come. I am always eager to see where Johansson will find herself, as well as how her new revelations will shape the series.

Jamie Johansson has definitely transformed in the last handful of novels, coming into her own as she tries to carve out a niche. While much of the book is about the cases at hand, there are moments where some inner development occurs, much to the delight of the series reader. Johansson appears destined to remain in Sweden, feeling that there is nothing for her back in the UK. However, that could all change before long and Greene will have to keep his protagonist on her toes as she tackles many of the issues that arise.

Morgan Greene has a way with his writing, pulling the reader in from the opening pages and sustaining the intensity until the final paragraph. His mix of great crime thrillers, Scandinavian settings, and strong characters make the books alluring to the curious reader. The narrative remains strong as it pushes forward through succinct chapters. The plot thickens and takes the reader on quite the adventure into some dark themes, which only adds to the allure. Continued peppering of Swedish into the text adds plausibility, being set in rural Sweden. I am eager to see where things are headed for Jamie and the entire crew, as Greene has announced a few novels set to release this year.

Kudos, Mr. Greene, for another successful Jamie Johansson thriller. There is much to enjoy with this series and I cannot get enough.