Eye for an Eye (DS Katie Macguire #5.5), by Graham Masterton

Eight stars

As I make my way through Graham Masterton’s DS Katie Macguire series, this short story fell in between two of the novels. At first glance, it does not appear to be overly time sensitive or revealing much that follows the fifth instalment of the series. It is a great look at how the Cork Garda work and how DS Macguire proves to be a highly effectively member of the local police community. Masterton is sure to reel in many who might dip their reading toe into this pool, as it is a wonderfully succinct example of his abilities.

DS Katie Macguire is called to the home of an elderly woman who reports that there is a dead priest in the garden. After getting over the whiplash shock of it all, DS Macguire goes to examine the body, only to learn that the priest was not only bludgeoned with a rock, but had a specific purpose for being in the garden. It would seem he was tasked with performing an exorcism.

As she learns a little more, DS Macguire discovers that a figure dressed all in black has been lurking in the yard, scaring the elderly woman into thinking this is Satan in all his glory. Who could have been organising such a task and taken it so far as to kill a priest? After looking into the area, DS Macguire has an idea, but it is stalled when the body of a young woman is found dead, possibly murdered as well.

It will take all of the Garda’s abilities to coax out a confession, but DS Macguire has some tricks up her sleeve that she wishes to enact. It could be risky, but there’s no other way to make it all fit together. A brilliant short piece by Masterton that proves he can spin a shorter tale and be just as successful.

I won’t go on too much about Masterton and his abilities, short of saying that readers ought to follow this series in order to get the full impact. I will admit that this short story works as a standalone, but caution those who approach it, as it will suck you in and leave you wanting more. There are five full-length novels awaiting you, all of which have aspects off gore but are highly entertaining as well.

Kudos, Mr. Masterton, for another great read!