Person of Interest (Blake Jordan #8), by Ken Fite

Eight stars

I discovered Ken Fite’s novels a number of years ago and could not get enough. My busy schedule over the last number of years kept me from enjoying the Blake Jordan series, but I am back, with a gap in my reading commitments left me able to catch up on this explosive collection. Blake Jordan keeps the intensity high and has some great character development in this novel, set in the middle of DC.

The presidents of the United States and Russia have been working on a peace treaty in secret and wish it conclude it with a public ceremony. When American intelligence agencies intercept a message related to an assassination attempt, they take action immediately. This means Blake Jordan and his wife, Jami, will be in meetings first thing to determine how to handle the situation.

After Jami fails to show up, Jordan becomes a little worried, which is exacerbated by a call from a blocked number. Jordan is informed that Jami’s been kidnapped and will only be released when demands are met. Jami’s release hinges on the assassination of both world leaders, forcing Jordan to decide between family and his country. However, anyone who knows Blake Jordan realises that it’s no question as to where is loyalty lies.

As the signing ceremony approaches, Jordan rushes to secure Jami’s release, while also trying to determine who mole within the intelligence community could be, likely the person who received that coded message. Jordan will have to work quickly, as the kidnapper means business and is happy to sacrifice Jami to bring the peace accord down in flames. Ken Fite pens yet another sensational thriller that is sure to appease series fans.

Ken Fite has a knack for writing thrillers that I cannot put down. Once I get a few chapters in, time seems to stand still as I delve deeper into the story. I devoured a few of his early novels in a single day, proving that he has what it takes to keep the reader entertained. Fite has developed the Blake Jordan character to be someone who is always advancing, yet never forgets his roots. I’m kicking myself for having waited this long to return to the series.

Ken Fite balances the political thriller with some action to keep things moving from the opening pages. Adding depth to a story that has action allows the reader to feel as though they could visualize everything from the written page. A strong narrative propels the story forward, with twists to keep things from being too predictive. I also highly enjoy how Ken Fite keeps his characters evolving, so there is something to notice from novel to novel. I can only hope this continues, as it is highly effective. Series fans will enjoy how one novel appears to move into the next, though I am sure those who choose to parachute in and reach for any of the novels (though I am baffled as to why anyone would want to) can do so with some comfort. With the latest novel just released, you know where I am headed next!

Kudos, Mr. Fite, for keeping things on retract and will of action. I can only wonder what awaits me in the next novel.