The Best School Year Ever (Herman’s #2), by Barbara Robinson

Eight stars

The sequel to one of my favourite childhood books, when the Herdmans take over the Christmas Pageant at church and retell this most famous story.

In this book, the Herdmans remain the worst behaved family in town. What’s worse is that they all attend Woodrow Wilson School. Robinson tells of the antics of this horrid family throughout a school year, from hazing to smoking cigars and even forcing children to undertake back-alley orthodontics. When the teacher sets out a year-long project of choosing a classmate and finding ways to compliment them, everyone is confused. Is there anything complimentary that can be said about any of the Herdmans? Read and find out…

A lovely story that leaves me smiling, as there is nothing the Herdmans won’t do.