In the Blood (Terminal List #5), by Jack Carr

Eight stars

Jack Carr returns with an explosive thriller that is sure to keep the reader biting their nails as they flip pages well into the night. Writing from his own unique perspective, Carr pulls the reader into the middle of a thriller than spans the globe and offers chilling realities of the goings-on well under the radar. Carr depicts the world of espionage as one that races along, taking guilty and innocent lives alike in a battle for stability. Carr has a superior ability to depict these struggles through his writing while offering the reader a bird’s eye view throughout the journey.

In the African country of Burkina Faso, a plane is blown out of the sky, killing everyone. Among the passengers is a woman who was contracted by the State of Israel to complete a hit on a known target. The media coverage of the crash hits the airwaves soon thereafter, stunning many, including former Navy SEAL James Reece.

Reece cannot shake that he knows one of the names of the dead. He remembers her from an old Mossad mission and cannot help but want to learn a little more. Reece owed her so much and sets about cobbling together a team of contacts around the world to help track down her killer. This is sure to ruffle a number of feathers and revive some old animosity, but Reece is determined to act.

While this may be a noble mission, Reece has made a name for himself the world over as an operative who takes no prisoners and is ruthless in his handling of the enemy. This bravado may well serve to endanger him even more than he knows. With a potential trap awaiting him, Reece will wade into the depth of international espionage and counter surveillance to find a killer whose primary mission has been to remove stability. What follows is surely the most dangerous game of cat and mouse imageable, especially when a cliffhanger at the end changes everything for Reece. A brilliant addition to the series by Jack Carr that has me wanting even more.

I was hooked from the opening pages of the first book in this series and Jack Carr has made it an amazing journey up to this point. Using some of his own experiences, Carr illustrates just how little the common person knows about what happens around the world. Full of grit, drama, and a dose of reality, Carr takes readers on an adventure like no other as he traipses across the globe in search of a ruthless killer. This alone should be enough to lure readers to rush to get their hands on this book.

While he purports to be nothing more than a retired soldier, Jack Carr has some great writing abilities. His narrative not only takes readers along a journey that is fast-paced and full of detail, but the direction is one that always leads to something more waiting around the corner. Strong characters and a number of humours personalities pepper the book and keep the reader from getting too serious about what is happening around them. Plot lines emerge, as they likely would on any mission, and keep the reader guessing until all comes together, sometimes in a bloody shootout. Carr does not dial back the action for one second and this leaves the reader trying to catch their breath as they meander through countless twists to get to the final reveal. I cannot say enough about this book, this series, and this author!

Kudos, Mr. Carr, for another great piece, I will have to check out the PRIME television show to see if it matches the intensity you create on the written page.