Abuse of Power (Blake Jordan #9), by Ken Fite

Eight stars

Having spent the last few days catching up on a few Ken Fite novels I put aside, I realize just what I have been missing. The Blake Jordan series is as addictive as it is action-packed, keeping the reader in the middle of everything throughout. Mixing strong political themes with some investigative elements, Fite has the reader flipping pages well into the night, as he did with me. Another stellar novel that has me hoping there are more to come soon.

A week after the failed assassination attempt on POTUS, the news is still buzzing. A number of rogue CIA agents tried to gun him down during the motorcade’s progress throughout Washington, only to be stymied at the last moment. However, there are still agents out there, with a number trying to cover their tracks.

When FBI Agent Mark Reynolds appears to have tossed himself off a building, some wonder if he might have been involved in the event, but the guilt left him feeling there was only one way out. Blake Jordan, who knew Reynolds well, feels that this could not have been the case and is sure that someone is behind the death. He’s also sure that there are others hunting down any loose ends.

It’s soon determined that the connect to these rogue agent reaches all the way up into the White House, where someone is feeding intel that only those closest to POTUS might know. It will be up to Jordan and a few others to locate the mole, neutralise them, and stop the next plan from coming to fruition. Will they be able to act in time? Ken Fite does a wonderful job pulling on a great deal of sources to pen a must-read novel.

Ken Fite writes thrillers that I cannot seem to put down. After a few chapters, time stops and the story envelopes me. I seem to devour these novels in a single day, proving that Fite knows how to keep the reader enthralled with ease. Fite develops his Blake Jordan character effectively and keeps things progressing with ease throughout the reading journey.

Ken Fite balances the political thriller with some action to keep things moving from the opening pages, especially with this story that follows the previous novel by only a week. The narrative pushes the story in a forward direction, with numerous twists to keep things unpredictable. Fite uses character development effectively, permitting noticeable progression between novels. There’s something not entirely describable that makes this series one I keep following, rushing to grab any outstanding books so that I do not miss a beat. I will have to wait for the next in the collection, but will not do so with patience.

Kudos, Mr. Fite, for keeping things intriguing and on point for all to enjoy!