Elections, Conventions, The Presidency, Congress, and Supreme Court Explained: The Quick and Dirty Guide to our Messy Democracy, by Chris Bartlett

Eight stars

Chris Bartlett offer this compendium of four electronic publications about key aspects of the US political and constitutional system. Primers in their own regard, this audiobook discusses key aspects of elections, the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court, allowing the reader to better understand the system in which they live. Short and to the point, Bartlett offers the most poignant and relevant aspects of each of the branches of the US political system without getting bogged down in too much information. These four pieces pave the way to a better grasp of key concepts that are bandied about by media outlets. A great means of foundational education for anyone needing to appear a little more cognizant of the American political behemoth.

I admit that I noticed this book while scanning for something to pass the time before beginning a major reading project tomorrow. While I may have a background in politics, BartIett taught me a thing or two about the monstrosity that is the political system of my southern neighbour. The four concise volumes provide the reader with great knowledge about key aspects of the political and constitutional roots of the American system. Presented in as unbiased a manner as possible, Bartlett seems only to inject the odd bit of cynicism throughout. Offering some poignant examples to tie-in certain concepts, Bartlett gives the reader something about which to think as the prepare to delve into the world of US politics. Penned in the midst of the 2016 presidential election, many of the examples draw from this time period, before the final results were known. Well-researched and easy to digest, readers with limited background in American politics could walk away with as much information as they need to have a basic conversation about the mechanics of government.

Kudos, Mr. Bartlett, for this informative piece that helped pass some time and left me wanting to know a little more.

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