Death Chorus (DI Jamie Johansson #4), by Morgan Greene

Nine stars

First and foremost, a large thank you to Morgan Greene for providing me with a copy of this novel, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

Always eager to read the newest piece by Morgan Greene, I rushed to settle down with his latest Detective Jamie Johansson novel. Moving the series along, Greene spins another great crime thriller in rural Sweden, where Johansson finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Having settled in Kurrajakk, Detective Jamie Johansson hopes the peace and quiet of a town not known for crime will suit her better. All is fine for months, but the discovery of a boy in the woods turns into a horrific murder and Johansson’s dream is shattered. With a new partner who does not know the area, Johansson will have to acclimate to his ways, as well as trying to solve a case that has stirred up old folklore for the residents. A sensational thriller by a master of the genre!

After a great deal of chaos, Detective Jamie Johansson was happy to make the move to Kurrajakk, a small community in northern Sweden. She’s been working in the community for four months with little more than having to handle minor disturbances. However, all that changes one morning when the body of a teenage boy is located in the woods. He’s been sliced multiple times and has a crow shoved down his throat. This is surely not the work of your typical killer after a skirmish.

Johnasson’s superior is set to retire and does not trust that she can do this alone, so he brings in a pompous detective to help with the investigation. While Kurrajakk may be a small town, Johansson is not yet ready to share policing duties with someone else, though Kjell Thorsen has other plans. He’s heard much about Jamie Johansson and her work, knowing that she puts a violent spin on things, which may not work so well in a rural community. Still, they work together as best they can to crack the case wide open.

After some initial inquiries, Johansson and Thorsen discover that the victim was not quite as docile as some of would believe. Felix Nordahl was running quite the pill business in town and keeping teens supplied, much to the chagrin of their parents. Many have a beef with him, though no one’s yet surfaced as a prime suspect.

Norahl’s death has stirred up some old folklore about Kråkornas Kung, the King of Crows. This is an old legend that has the locals all in a tizzy. As Johansson and Thorsen try to weave their way through truths and myths, appearances of the King of Crows around town adds to the confusion of the investigation. There is surely a drug angle here, though it is not becoming overly apparent to any involved.

As the town begins to riot over the return of Kråkornas Kung and how inept the police appear to be in finding a killer, Johansson and Thorsen will have to provide them wrong. It is sure to be a case unlike anything either of them has ever seen, with a killer lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike again. Another brilliant piece that kept me up we’ll into the night. Morgan Greene knows what he’s doing and takes the readers on a stunning adventure.

Since discovering the work of Morgan Greene, I have not been able to stop reading anything with Jamie Johansson. The writing is strong and the storytelling never ceases to amaze me. I am always shocked to see the angles and perspectives that emerge from the books and find myself pining for the next novel as soon as I complete the latest. Greene has released a schedule of upcoming pieces, which has me excited for 2022, distractingly me from another winter of calamity when it comes to pandemics.

Jamie Johansson has surely transformed herself over the last handful of novels, working her way up the ranks and being challenged at every step. Her grittiness is something like no other and she has made a name for herself in the policing community, both in England and, more recently, in Sweden. Her dedication to the job is like no other, though she takes little guff from anyone, preferring to get the job done and enjoy some time for herself. There is much that she discovers about herself, some of it not entirely to her liking, in this piece, which is sure too impress the reader.

Morgan Greene has a way with his writing that pulls the reader in from the opening pages and does not let go until the final paragraph. His mix of great crime thrillers, Scandinavian settings, and strong characters make the books alluring to anyone who takes the time to read them. The narrative is strong and pushes forward with each passing chapter. The plot thickens and takes turns that keep things interesting throughout, adding folklore and educational moments to add depth for the reader. More recently, the peppering of Swedish into the text gives it even more plausibility, being set in rural Sweden, and makes it an enjoyable piece for me. With a handful of upcoming releases in 2022, I know I will be busy and surrounding myself with great reading experiences. I just hope others discover Morgan Greene as well.

Kudos, Mr. Greene, for another winner. Jamie Johansson is such a rising star and i cannot wait to see what’s to come!

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