Deep Cover (Dan Morgan #8), by Leo Maloney

Eight stars

Always a fan when Leo Maloney adds to his Dan Morgan series, I rushed to get my hands on this piece. While Dan has been through many a mission with Zeta Group, the addition of his daughter, Alex, to the team has added new intrigue and depth to the stories. Posing as illegal arms dealers, Dan Morgan and his partner find themselves in Turkey. They flee the authorities for as long as possible, but allow themselves to be captured and tossed into jail, which is all part of the plan. While incarcerated, Dan must locate a Turkish-American scientist whose nuclear know-how could be beneficial to the Turks, particularly if they extract it through torture. While Dan seeks to infiltrate the deepest parts of the prison, Alex and her own partner are working on an extraction plan to ensure they can all leave the country with ease. Working in tandem as best they can, Dan and Alex locate the scientist and work to trick the Turks, while not toppling the apple cart of international diplomacy. Dan has flashbacks to his last time in Turkey and one man who will surely remember his face. With time running out and plausible deniability, Dan must lead everyone out of the grasp of the Turkish authorities or face likely torture himself. A great novella to add to the series, which is as explosive as anything I have read lately. Recommended to those who like a fast-paced thriller to fill their time between larger reading projects, as well as the reader who enjoys Maloney and his Dan Morgan series.

It is nice to have an eclectic mix of authors and genres on which to pull when the reading bug bites. Leo Maloney has been able to keep me intrigued fro the start of the series, always finding new and exciting ways to keep the stories relevant and exciting in equal measure. Dan Morgan plays the central character in this story, though there is little backstory or development. Morgan uses his grit and determination, especially when placed in tough situations. Eager to work under the radar, Morgan serves Zeta Group effectively on its various missions. Other characters in the story prove helpful to push the story forward, particularly Alex Morgan, who is making a name for herself in the series. While the apple of her father’s eye, Alex is strong willed and seeks to carve out her own personality. Maloney does well to develop this series and keep readers interested, taking Zeta Group all over the world and placing the likes of Dan Morgan in unique situations. With short chapters and a narrative that never lose its momentum, this instalment of the series works well as readers await the next full-length piece that is sure to impress. Maloney keeps the plots fresh and the characters believable, allowing the reader to feel as though there is a dose of reality in what they are reading. I’ll be back for more and hope others will as well.

Kudos, Mr. Maloney, for a great addition to the series. This is sure to garner new fans whose curiosity has been piqued!

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