Fatal Silence: A Short Story (Shades of Secrets #2), by Harris Kloe

Eight stars

First and foremost, a large thank you to Harris Kloe for providing me with a copy of this short story, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

This is the second independent, yet interconnected, short story that Harris Kloe provided to me. It offers the reader an eerie look into how secrets can sometimes be right under our noses and deception spins things quite effectively. When a family moves into a new home, little do they know that the community and their residence are part of a larger secret that has the town buzzing. Kloe does well to keep the suspense throughout here.

Josh Wood and his family were looking for a change, which is why they moved to the outskirts of town. While the house was large and offered all the amenities the family could want, there was a creepiness to it. When Josh makes a discovery in the basement one night, he’s left to wonder if there is more to this house than meets the eye.

Visiting the library soon thereafter, Josh learns about a mining concern that has plagued the town over the past few years. While it makes for good reading, Josh wants to know more and visits one of the locals who appears to have some knowledge about it all. It’s only then that the story takes on a new and secretive twist!

Harris Kloe asked me to read this short piece, a story that captured my attention from the outset. The story flowed well, with some great build-up, and kept me wondering until the final page turn. While it was a short story, the reader can connect with Josh throughout and surmise what he will discover before too long. I am eager to see what else Kloe has in this collection of short stories, released slowly to keep the reader hungry for more.

Kudos, Mr. Kloe, for leaving me curious yet again. Keep it up and your fan base will surely grow.

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