Genesis (Breakthrough #0.5), by Michael C. Grumley

Eight stars

After receiving a strong recommendation to try this series “for something completely different”, I eagerly sought out this prequel piece by Michael C. Grumley. Never one to turn down a challenge or something different, I dug in to see if it would grab me. While marine biology and ocean life has never been something for which this Prairie boy has had much affinity, I was intrigued by Grumley’s teaser piece and have decided to give it a plunge, if you will.

Alison Shaw loves her research in Costa Rica, working with sea turtles. When she receives word that her funding and research are being terminated by the Office of Naval Research, she’s at a loss for what to do. A friend reaches out and offers her a chance to come see what’s being done with marine life in Florida. Alison packs up and hopes for the best, with nothing to lose.

While helping some of the marine life after a boating incident, she realises that she has a connection with many species and finds her apparent niche. A tall and mysterious gentleman notices her work and approaches Alison with an idea, one that he hopes will not only change the world, but shine a needed light on one particular member of marine life, dolphins!

As I said before, I am no marine expert, nor can I say that I have a passion for that which lives in the water. That being said, the series comes highly recommended and I was impressed with Michael C. Grumley’s writing in this prequel piece. If this is anything like what is to come, I can tell that I will be in for a treat. Great writing, strong dialogue, and something that piqued my interest. I’m in for the time being… so let’s see what Grumley has to offer!

Kudos, Mr. Grumley, for this intriguing start to your series. I’ll see if Book One keeps my attention and make a better decision thereafter.

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