Jack Knife (Hunt for Reacher #17), by Diane Capri

Eight stars

Enjoying all things Jack Reacher, I enjoy this spin that Diane Capri has taken, weaving together her own themes and plots to keep the reader on their toes. FBI Special Agent Kim Otto is hot on the heels of Jack Reacher, who is speeding out of Chicago. Unfortunately, her partner was injured again, forcing Otto to stay put for a time. Things get a little rocky when news comes that Reacher’s nephew is in trouble, sure to draw Jack from hiding to rush to his aid. It would seem some of Reacher’s past enemies have come to exact some revenge, putting everyone on edge. Capri keeps the action going as she pushes the series into new realms.

With the explosive ending to the last novel, FBI Special Agent Kim Otto has no time to waste. However, she’s suck waiting, as her partner is again recuperating in hospital after a Reacher-related skirmish. Still, it gives her some time to work through the leads she will need to move forward.

When news comes that Reacher’s nephew, Jake, is in trouble down in South Carolina, Otto is sure that this will be one thing that the nomad cannot ignore. She is ready to act as well, hoping that it will draw Reacher out and allow her to help a young man in need. This is not a simple money issue, but rather a kidnapping that could prove fatal.

As Otto inches towards South Carolina with her partner, she learns that one of Reacher’s old CO’s might have some intel that could help. It would seem that Reacher was in the middle of bringing down a drug ring years back and left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Now, it seems those who got away have retribution on the mind. This ruthless gang will stop at nothing, keeping Jake Reacher and his mother captive in hopes of luring Jack out for a final hit.

With Otto ready to strike, she has to play her hand carefully, hoping not to ruin her chances at making a real difference. Jack Reacher is so close and this is no time to mess it up. Pulling on all her option, Otto prepares to set a trap, while helping the Reachers at the same time. Capri keeps things interesting in a series that never has the chance to catch its breath or lose momentum.

While I have a long history reading Reacher novels, I was really excited when I found the work of Diane Capri. She parallels the writing of Lee Child, offering stories that add to the original work. Great stories and strong narratives help shape the series effectively, while keeping fans coming back for more as each novel comes to publication. I am eager to see what direction things will take now!

Special Agent Kim Otto stays strong in the protagonist’s seat once again. In the brief timespan of the series, she’s had two partners, finally able to play the senior agent role. Otto has little time for silliness, but seems also to have to juggle a partner who wants to run the show himself, bending rules whenever it suits him. Otto has struggled with confidence in the past, but is more keenly aware of how she can keep hold of command without coming off as too abrupt, which will surely be an issue for her as she handles a renegade partner.

Diane Capri has kept the series on track with some really captivating stories that complement all that Lee Child as done to date. She presents a fresh and intriguing series, as the popular series receives some added depth at Capri’s hand. A strong narrative provides the reader with something to keep them excited, using many characters who entertain throughout. Capri finds ties to Lee Child’s work without it being too repetitive, always proving successful. I am eager to see where Capri will take things and how effective it will be for series fans

Kudos, Madam Capri, for a series that keeps evolving. I never tire of the adventures.

Straight Jack (Hunt for Reacher #16), by Diane Capri

Eight stars

A great fan of all things Jack Reacher, I was pleased to stumble upon Diane Capri’s series that explores a race to find this elusive nomad. Capri explores the chase to find Reacher through the eyes of two dedicated FBI agents and adds a curious case to help them bide their time. Special Agent Kim Otto has been on the hunt for Jack Reacher for the past number of months, but she’s been delayed by her current partner, who is nursing his injuries. Meanwhile, Reacher is said to have been spending time with a recent prison escapee who has taken to being a part of a gang robbing ATMs. Now, the hunt is on to find Reacher, locate the criminal, and stop the heists before things get any worse. Capri does well to stir up all the excitement in this wonderful instalment of the series.

A group of criminals have banded together to use their respective skills to target numerous ATMs across the country. Hoping to hit a big payday, each criminal must rely on the others, but one is still new and fairly green when it comes to this type of crime. While the crimes occur with moderate success, they leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the authorities.

All the while, Special Agent Kim Otto waits in a Nevada hospital, where her partner, William Burke, is recuperating after a clash with the elusive Jack Reacher. Once he is ready to go, Otto and Burke resume their hunt for Reacher, which is sure to take many odd turns. The first stop is in New Mexico, where Reacher is said to have been in touch with a recent prison escapee, who might hold the key to finding the nomadic traveller. However, things go south when a body is discovered in a hotel, leaving Otto feeling that the hunt has taken on a new importance.

Following the bank heists that have shocked various communities, Otto and Burke seek answers and hope to find a man responsible for a murder, but who could also point them towards their ultimate prize. With some assistance from Otto’s former partner, Carlos Gaspar, the pair try to synthesise all they know about Reacher. It is only when the FBI pair make it to Chicago that they are able to make significant headway, in the form of an old acquaintance from Reacher’s past military experience. Might this finally be the moment Jack Reacher meets his match with Special Agent Kim Otto? Capri offers up perhaps her best in the series to date with this novel, proving that Reacher and all those around him still have what it takes.

While I have long loved all that is Reacher, I found new joy and excitement when I discovered the work of Diane Capri. She offers up some great writing to parallel the creations of Lee Child, offering insightful stories that complement the original work. With a great narrative and some well-developed characters, Capri shows how this series can serve to work with the Reacher collection, or stand on its own. I cannot wait to see what else Capri does while keeping things a step behind the great Lee Child’s roadmap.

Special Agent Kim Otto remains in the protagonist’s seat throughout this series. She has had two primary partners, but always seems keen to run things in her own manner. She takes the lead in the investigation and makes it her own, trying to finally crack the chase open and finally bring Jack Reacher in for questioning. Always a step behind, this is Otto’s time to prove herself to others and make the difference in this game of cat and mouse.

Diane Capri has done well for herself, though this is the only of her series that I have tried reading to date. Her ability to keep things fresh as the characters race to stay close behind Reacher’s nomadic wanderings makes for great reading, no matter how much is known about the primary series. A great narrative keeps the reader on their toes, with many characters to entertain throughout the journey. Capri tries to find ties to Lee Child’s work, while keeping it from being too repetitive, which is sure to impress those who know the Reacher series well. There’s something for everyone, it would seem, with some great story arcs that have lasted for a handful of novels, as well as others that have yet to be resolved from the series debut. Bring on the next Hunt for Reacher novel. I cannot wait!

Kudos, Madam Capri, for a series that never seems to get stale. I am eager to see what;s next and how things will evolve.

Jack Frost (Hunt for Reacher #14), by Diane Capri

Eight stars

Diane Capri continues her unique spin on Lee Child’s popular Jack Reacher character and the series of novels that made him a household name (almost ruined by Tom Cruise). The elusive ‘man from nowhere in particular’ continues traversing small town USA, while Capri uses some of the information to create her own thrillers where he is the target. An FBI agent does her best to piece together loose sightings of the man, but always seems to get herself embroiled in local issues. It’s a great way to complement to the Reacher series, particularly for fans who have an affinity for his smooth arrival and departure from any situation.

FBI Special Agent Kim Otto has been assigned a new partner, something that fills her with an uneasiness. While she loves her former partner, change is not something she’s come to handle quite well. Still, she’s focussed on the trail of Jack Reacher, who has been sighted in rural America, making the journey one of great importance. The Feds find themselves in South Dakota, more specifically Bolton Correctional Facility. The hope is to find anyone who might have clues as to where Reacher has gone. He made an impact when last he was there, leaving only one person alive, a crazed gangster with a sharp mind.

While Otto cannot be sure if Reacher was behind the murder of many in this small town, she knows that talking to the one survivor and his lawyer could prove helpful. There’s a problem, though, as a cargo plane crashed onto the property and started a massive prison escape, leaving everyone scrambling to collect the inmates as quickly as possible.

Otto and her know-it-all partner, William Burke, join forces with local law enforcement to capture the gangster, as he may be the key to locating Reacher. However, he’s not keen to return to custody, traversing across the barren lands of South Dakota, with his lawyer and a few others in tow. It’s a race to locate him, in hopes that he won’t make it to Canada and slip away for good, eh?!

I’ve been a fan of Lee Child and his books for many years. When I discovered that Diane Capri was working under the blessing of Child to create this offshoot series, I gladly accepted the chance to read it as well. Capri ensures that series fans understand the backstory and how it complements this piece, though admits that she takes some liberties of her own, as she wields the proverbial pen. This story is pulled from the pages of 61 Hours, a great book on its own. Take a look to see how Capri added depth and excitement to her own thriller.

FBI Special Agent Kim Otto serves as a stellar protagonist once again. She has a lot going on, besides the hunt for Jack Reacher, seeking to balance it as best she can. The story connects her with a handful of well-developed characters that help develop the plot lines and provide insight into the location of one Jack Reacher. However, there is the added connection that Otto has with William Burke, her new partner and a man she cannot fully trust. Burke has a past, something that Otto has discovered by pulling some strings, making the connect between these two Feds strained at best. Capri uses one-off characters effectively while borrowing some of the backstory Child laid down in the aforementioned Reacher novel.

The novel—and the series, to be honest— is entertaining, particularly for fans of Reacher and his nomadic ways. The narrative pushes the story along effectively while characters shed light on plot points that keep the reader guessing throughout. A mix of chapter lengths provide the reader with some teasers and begs them to keep reading, of only to find resolution. While I admit that I do not remember the intricacies of each Reacher novel, nor do I re-read it afterwards, Diane Capri’s book remind me of key points and cement the belief that these two series complement one another so well.

Kudos, Madam Capri, for another winner. I cannot wait to see what story you pair your next novel with, and how close a Reacher-Otto encounter might be.

A Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/248185-a-book-for-all-seasons

Jack of Spades (Hunt for Reacher #8), by Diane Capri

Eight stars

In her latest instalment of the Hunt for Reacher series, Diane Capri takes readers close to the elusive man’s family, or so we are led to believe. FBI Special Agent Kim Otto continues to track down Jack Reacher, following some leads up to a small town in New Hampshire. It’s here that she believes she can make some headway, as it appears to be a town full of Reachers. No one admits to knowing Jack Reacher or being a part of his immediate family, but Otto is not giving up. She’s honed her investigation on Reacher’s nephew, who is headed out to California to get some answers from the uncle no one seems to know. While he travels there, a Canadian couple who was intricately involved in a recent Jack Reacher sighting in Laconia, New Hampshire now holds onto a duffle bag that could bring them much trouble. With the rightful owners ready to shed blood in order to get what they feel belongs to them, Otto will have to keep an eye out for trouble while also looking for the man who has continually been one step ahead of her. With a new partner and her old one offering nuggets of wisdom, Kim Otto will have to work quickly or face another dead-end situation. A great addition to the Hunt for Reacher series, permitting Capri to build on some of the most intense Reacher work that Lee Child wrote not long ago. Recommended for series fans, as well as the reader who enjoys a quick read that packs quite the punch.

I have long loved anything Reacher, so when I stumbled upon this series, I am eager to see how it would all tie in. While Capri loosely hints at the benefits of reader the associated Lee Child work alongside her own, I enjoy going at it alone and doing by best to make sense of everything. Capri offers some wonderful characters and delves deeper into some of the cases that appear in Jack Reacher novels. Kim Otto has grown tremendously in this piece, coming into her own and finding ways to run the investigation effectively, even when she’s paired up with a new partner. Others do well in their participation of the story, sometimes adding to the initial introduction they received from Lee Child, while others make their mark for the first time. The story moves quickly and leaves little time for pandering around, as there is much to accomplish in short order. Capri has honed her skills and shows that she is not only in-tune with her close friend, Lee Child, but is able to complement his work and provide a deeper look into some of the central characters who may offer valuable insight into finding Jack Reacher!

Kudos, Madam Capri, for another wonderful addition to the series. I am eager to see if Otto will ever catch Reacher, or if this is a game of cat and mouse destined never to end.

A Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/248185-a-book-for-all-seasons