Poirot Investigates (Hercule Poirot #3), by Agatha Christie

Eight stars

Having enjoyed a few novels by Agatha Christie, I chose to continue with Hercule Poirot. This third novel is actually a collection of stories, used to whet the appetite of Poirot fans and perhaps to pique the interest of those who are not as familiar with the Belgian detective. From a few murders through to some robberies, Poirot and Captain Hastings pursue many a criminal act, in hopes of shedding some light on all things illegal. Poirot and Hastings find themselves traveling around England, into France, and even over to Egypt. Throughout the process, Poirot uses his deductive reasoning to bring answers to the forefront, even if it takes time and dedication. Christie has done a wonderful job throughout these stories, which has me wanting to return for more in the near future.

When I recently discovered the work of Agatha Christie, I found myself fully committed. Of course, I had heard of the Queen of Mystery well before I opened one of her books, but I never took the time to see how well they were constructed. I have decided to stick with Hercule Poirot for the time being, but may branch out at a later time. Each of the stories in this collection flows well with a strong narrative and keen characters, all adding flavour to a great story. Poirot seems to find a number of unique cases that require his attention, which allows the reader to feel that same newness with each page turn. With a large pile of books to go, I will tackle more Poirot before too long, but I like to space them out, like a collection of high-end chocolates, best savoured slowly.

Kudos, Dame Christie for this great collection. I will be back soon and eager to see what else is to come.