Where Secrets Live, by S.C. Richards

Eight stars

First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, S.C. Richards, andCrooked Lane Books for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

After receiving an ARC for this novel, I was eager to see how S. C. Richards would grow on me, as I have heard of her writing in the past. A strong story and well-developed ideas emerges early on, leaving me to lose myself in all the action and suspense. I am pleased to have had the time to devour this book and am eager to find some more of Richards’ work soon to whet my appetite.

After losing their parents at a young age, Liz and Meredith McCallister are forced to rely on their sibling connection. All this takes a turn for the worse when Liz learns that her sister was murdered. However, this is not the only mystery that Liz must shoulder at present. While trying to find her sister’s killer, Liz discovers that Meredith had a deep secret, one that could have fuelled the motive for her murder. Liz must come to terms with the fact that her sister had a child in secret, who is now a teenager and asking questions.

While piecing together both these mysteries, Liz is forced to confront a past that she and Meredith thought was buried away. Liz cannot stomach digging into all these dark corners, but soon realises that secrets may have been the one constant Meredith had in her life over all these years

Seeking some help from her step-mother, Liz discovers that the secrets continue to emerge, both held by Meredith and others. Liz looks back at her life and wonders how much of it took place under a rock, while those around her lived secret or mystery-filled lives of their own. It could prove to be the key to learning about Meredith’s murder, but the truth has a way of also derailing the bucolic nature of some people’s everyday, as Liz is learning all too well. What other secrets will emerge and how might Liz handle them all before things come crashing down before her? Richards does a masterful job weaving this tale of deceit and deception.

I have always enjoyed a good book where mystery and deception fuel the narrative flow. S.C. Richards has a knack for making things work well and keeps the suspense high for those who like it. A plot that twists throughout and some characters with strong backstories help turn this book into an enjoyable reading experience.

Richards has strong narrative capabilities and keeps the reader wondering how things will progress throughout. The characters who emerge are both multi-dimensional and well placed, keeping the story on track throughout. I enjoyed how it all added depth to the plot and provided some needed mystery, and the story progressed with ease. Richards never lets up, keeping the reader wondering until the end as the mystery finally has some resolution. I’d try another S.C. Richards novel in the future, if only to compare to this addictive piece.

Kudos, Madam Richards, for a great introduction to your abilities. I will have to see if I can get my hands on more of your books soon.