Ten Two Jack (The Hunt for Reacher #10), by Diane Capri

Seven stars

The hunt continues for Jack Reacher in this well-developed series by Diane Capri, paralleling some of the work done by her close friend, Lee Child. While still on the hunt for Reach, FBI Special Agent Kim Otto is home in Detroit, awaiting her next lead. She is approached by a DEA agent who has some information that might help her investigation. Reacher is said to have been associated with two women out West, one of whom is married to a somewhat nefarious businessman, likely dabbling in the drug trade. While Otto travels to St. Louis to garner some more information, she discovers that the women—twins—have been missing and the husband has hired an investigator to locate them. While trying to piece the puzzle together, Otto meets this investigator, who seems more intent on trying to scuttle her progress than anything else. Otto is left with more questions than answers and connects with her partner, Carlos Gaspar, down in Houston, where he has been working some angles on his own. Meanwhile, in the shadows a figure is trying to lock down his sizeable stash of opioids, ready to hit the streets. These two women might be the only thing standing in his way to a successful business venture, though the mysterious Jack Reacher is also a hurdle that must be neutralised. Working a few leads, Otto and Gaspar find themselves travelling a great deal to find Reacher, discovering his connection to one of the twins and how things might not be entirely as they seem. Capri works her magic again and ties this story in nicely to one of Lee Child’s Reacher novels. Those who enjoy the series will find something in this piece to whet their appetites. Recommended for those who enjoy both the Reacher novels and the Hunt for Reacher series.

Capri keeps things fast-paced, which allows the reader to stay focused on the endgame without getting too bogged down. I found myself enjoying this novel, though was at times a little overwhelmed with all the twists and turns that emerged from the subplots. Otto and Gaspar retain their protagonist roles, working the narrative effectively as they travel and seek to find Jack Reacher once and for all. Of course, they end up in the middle of a case that sees themselves diverting attention from the ultimate goal. Some of the other characters prove exciting and alluring as they push things in one direction or another, without hijacking the narrative. Touching on some of the poignant topics of the day, Capri gives the reader some insight into opioids and their trafficking around America, while also posing the question of how Reacher fits into the larger web. The story was highly entertaining and the chapters flowed very well, keeping me hooked throughout and hoping to learn a great deal more. I am eager to see where Capri takes things, though I am still finding it hard to fathom that this is all taking place in a compacted time period, while Reacher’s nomadic adventures seem paced out over years. Something to chew on for a bit, I suppose.

Kudos, Madam Capri, for another wonderful novel in the series. I have recommended you to many others and will continue to do so.

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