The Plea (Eddie Flynn #2), by Steve Cavanagh

Eight stars

Returning for another in Steve Cavanagh’s legal series, I was eager to see what would become of gritty lawyer, Eddie Flynn. After his harrowing experience with the Russian Mob, Flynn is seeking a quieter life and a low-key practice. When he is visited by the FBI and CIA about an upcoming murder trial, he wants nothing to do with it. However, Flynn is given an ultimatum, not only to sign-up to represent David Child and get him off for murder, but also to turn him to testify against the firm representing him. It is only when Flynn learns that his wife is tied into a major financial scheme that he gives the offer a second thought. Ensure Child is found innocent of the murder and his wife’s guilt will be expunged. Flynn agrees to do his best and rushes to begin his assignment, noticing that he will have to collide with the District Attorney who has higher ambitions. As Flynn gets a base understanding of what is going on, he works with Child to better understand what it is he did for the firm and how his wife might have been caught in the web. This helps Flynn to better understand where the enemies wait and how they are surely plotting to frame Child for the murder of his girlfriend. Flynn can work with some of the basics at the preliminary hearing, but it will take all his efforts to ensure Child does not find himself on the wrong end of a murder conviction. With the impetus to help his wife and their daughter, Eddie Flynn will have to rely on his street smarts as much as his legal prowess. Cavanagh does a wonderful job at pacing this story out and keeping the reader hooked. Recommended for those who love a good legal thriller and readers who like stories with twists throughout.

After being enthralled with the opening novel in the series, I could not help plunging into this one head on. Cavanagh continues to impress with his storytelling and makes the reader want to know a little more, all while weaving together a wonderful story. Eddie Flynn comes a long way in this piece, keeping his con artist days behind him and focusing on trying to do better with all things legal. He is thrust into the middle of a complex situation, still holding onto feelings for a woman who all but gave up on him after their daughter’s kidnapping in the opening novel of the series. Flynn is also a strong attorney and finds the loopholes to defend his clients as best he can. Faced with a powerful DA, Flynn will have to pull out all the stops and save a man whose innocence will ensure all the dominoes fall as they should. Others grace the pages of this book and keep the reader highly entertained throughout, from the legal community, intelligence officers, and even the courtroom actors whose roles will shape the larger trial. Cavanagh depicts them all so well and keeps the reader fully involved in the process. The story is well developed and set with an ingenious plot that will keep the reader following along with ease. I cannot wait to see what else Steve Cavanagh has in store for this series, especially with the revelations towards the end of the novel. Eddie Flynn is surely someone well worth my time and I am pleased this series crossed my reading radar. Here’s hoping for another explosive legal thriller.

Kudos, Mr. Cavanagh, for a great second novel. I cannot wait to see how you will bring things together in the next novel!

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