Thin Blue Line (Blake Jordan #7), by Ken Fite

Eight stars

When I discovered the writing of Ken Fite a number of years ago, I could not get enough. Be it a busy schedule or a pile of books that needed to be read on a deadline, my attention turned away from his Blake Jordan thrillers for a time. However, I found a gap in my reaidnfgf commitments that allowed me to return to this explosive collection. Blake Jordan has lost none of his gusto in another fast-paced thriller that puts the reader in the middle fo the action. Fite delivers another winner with this book, set on the streets of New York City!

While in NYC with his fiancée , Blake Jordan receives a call. There’s an unknown hooded man who has blown up a building and making an odd demand, the release of a prisoner from a local facility. Jordan knows the prisoner well, having served with Dallas Webb in the SEALs years before. As Jordan tries to piece it all together, he is baffled as to what’s gong on and how he can help before things go south.

While he is happy to lend a hand, there are others within various agencies that do not feel Blake Jordan will be much help. Still, there’s no time to lose, especially when another bomb goes off. Through some high-tech tracing, the hooded man is revealed to be someone who knows Dallas Webb well, though there is no way he can be who he appears. Jordan continues on his pursuit, hoping to neutralise things before they get too hot.

With the potential of a nuclear event, politicians at all levels rush to assert authority, none higher than POTUS. Still, Jordan will keep him cool and try to protect NYC and all those who call it home. Along the way, Blake Jordan learns that some would jeopardize everything for their own time in the limelight, something that must be stopped before countless others are harmed. Ken Fite offers up a brilliant piece I could not help but devour in a single day!

There are few authors I can sit and read with such ease as Ken Fite. I remember devouring a few of his early novels, polishing each off in a single day. The writing is strong and the plot is something that pulled me in. Fite knows what he’s doing and has crafted Blake Jordan in such a way that things seem to flow with ease. Anyone looking for a thrilling collection need look no further than these novels.

Ken Fite opens with an addictive narrative that never loses its momentum. The story build and the characters all find rather places on the stage, as the action takes over. Poignant themes emerge and are complemented by a stellar plot, all while keeping the backstory developing and characters seeking to make their niche known. Series fans will applaud the seamlessness that occurs between novels. While it has been over two years since I read a Fite book, I felt as though I had just finished the sixth novel and picked this one up . Pure enjoyment for all!

Kudos, Mr. Fite, for a great read. I have two more of your books to tackle, which I know will be just as thrilling.